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Dose Group

"Man cannot live a good life while suffering from health problems or issues related to his appearance. We must allocate some time for ourselves and our bodies, so that our bodies can give us their best energy, continuity, and creativity.

Understanding this theory will make our company the best place for you."

CEO Of Dose Group

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About Dose Group

At Dose Group, we are dedicated to providing world-class healthcare and wellness solutions in the heart of Turkey. With a focus on medical tourism, we have established ourselves as a leading facilitator for individuals seeking top-notch healthcare services combined with a unique travel experience.
Dentistry - Plastic surgery and Hair transplantation in Turkey

 First step

Connect with us from anywhere in the world
"Allocate time for your health"

We provide you with all the details

"We provide you with all these details: Free medical diagnosis, your doctor, and the total price"

We handle all the bookings

"Our services include hotel bookings, flight tickets, transportation, and translation for all languages worldwide."

Performing medical procedures

"The best specialized doctors and surgeons with an exceptional nursing team working exclusively for you."

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Why People Love Us ❤️

"I enjoyed working with Dose because I felt their professionalism and expertise. They were dynamic in every detail."

Our client, X.


"I preferred dealing with Dose because they provided me with everything I needed in one place, which saved me a lot of time."

Our clint, A


"The reason for my choice of Dose is that they provided me with many packages that fit my budget without compromising on quality."

Our clint, S


"I loved dealing with  Dose because I found that they have an excellent team of doctors who possess the experience that makes me trust them."

Our clint, R


You can contact us 24/7.

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