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Dental Implants in Turkey - Procedure & Cost in 2024

Dental Implants in Turkey - Procedure & Cost in 2024

Dental implants are safe and compatible with human tissue, causing no allergies or harm to surrounding bone and gum tissue. Dental implants restore eating habits and correct chewing and speaking functions. They eliminate gaps between teeth and aesthetic issues caused by missing teeth. Implants are superior to traditional prosthetics in terms of strength, aesthetics, and functionality. They are compatible with the body, require no support, and are easily used in the mouth.

Implants, or dental implants, are screws placed in the area where teeth were lost. After a waiting period, the implants can be used to correct or replace missing teeth. Dental implants in Turkey provide fairy tale smiles. This article explains the process in detail. Successful people have enviable super-white smiles but poor habits can lead to missing teeth.

Definition and Types of Dental Implants

Dental implants in Turkey provide affordable and efficient service. They improve biting, contacting, and endurance of teeth. Dentists perform the procedure, ensuring successful results. Dental implants are popular and highly regarded.

Dental implants are ideal for making crowns, providing support and a comfortable smile. They are symmetrical, proportional, and offer easy maintenance.

Pros and Perks of a Good Result

The most important point in this matter is planning the treatment period. Private hospitals with coordinated schedules can offer suitable treatment plans for holidays. With weekends off and shifts, hospitals can easily accommodate patients' treatment periods. You can plan a 10-15 day vacation and customize the treatment process based on this. This allows for short-term, regular, and optimal service intervals determined by doctors. You can enjoy the holiday and share the happiness with loved ones while receiving maxilla prosthesis treatment.

One advantage of dental treatment in Turkey is its affordability, excellent facilities and skilled doctors, leading to high customer satisfaction.

Historical Background of Dental Implants

Human beings have searched for tooth loss solutions since ancient times, not just for functionality but also for a pleasing smile. Early materials included shells, bone, and parts of animals and humans. The first dental implants were found in a Mayan tomb in 600 AD, where screw-shaped teeth were inserted. Titanium dental implants, pioneered by Branemark, are now commonly used. Dental implants are essential for those with tooth loss, offering a healthy alternative to dental bridges that do not affect neighboring teeth.

Dental Implant Procedure in Turkey

The suitability of dental implant surgery is determined in the first examination, which includes a panoramic X-ray. Costs for this are included in the implant price, but not for bone grafting. If a bone graft is needed, it is an additional cost. A cancelation may occur if a graft is necessary. Lifelong implant surgery is not possible without further identification. If surgery can proceed, it is scheduled after evaluations. The operation can be done 20 years after completion. This may vary based on other evaluations including tissue and tooth conditions. Despite the popularity of dental implant procedure in Turkey, there is a lack of knowledge causing hesitation. We will provide details about the procedure.

Initial Consultation and Examination

Don't hesitate to discuss concerns and fears with the implantologist. They will design a comfortable treatment plan for you. Tests may be requested to ensure you're fit for general anesthesia. Inform your dentist of any medications taken, as changes may be necessary before surgery.

Dental Implants in Turkey - Procedure & Cost in 2024

To get dental implants, see a specialist for an initial consultation and examination. They will discuss your expectations, medical history, and dental condition. X-rays or CBCT may be used to assess your jawbone, sinus cavities, and nerve canals.

Pre-Surgery Preparation

Before conventional anesthesia, patients must abstain from alcohol and diuretic medication for 48 hours. Dental anxiety treatment is typically unnecessary. However, patients with severe conditions may require general anesthesia, including blood tests and liver/kidney assessments. Dental Implant Procedure.

Two to three hours before the procedure, the patient can take one antibiotic if not allergic. If the patient has a chronic disease like heart infections, they can take a maximum of 1200 mg of development and 20 mg of beta blockers if needed. Antipyretic and analgesic drugs are not advised.

Implant Placement Procedure

The implant is the structure that replaces the root of the tooth, and if the implant is placed, the teeth and the bone are stimulated as in a natural tooth. It prevents bone loss. The implant replaces the lost tooth root and crown and thus creates an integrity that is very similar to natural teeth and stimulates the natural bones to adhere to it and supports the neighboring dentures just like a natural tooth. Implant-supported prostheses are reliable, healthy, comfortable, and aesthetic treatment methods due to high success. It provides healthy speech and improves oral functions such as chewing and carrying. Tooth-supported dentures are also worn over time and damaged more than implant-supported dentures because the natural teeth are not under pressure and are easier to maintain. The use of removable dentures in the long term can cause problems such as gingival retraction and restriction of food choice. The implant procedure can be performed in many cases. These can be listed briefly as completely toothless patients, patients with congenitally missing tooth or teeth, and patients who have lost bone from large lesions or trauma.

Dental Implants in Turkey - Procedure & Cost in 2024

Implant placement can be performed in two methods: immediate and classic (delay period) method. Even in cases where the implant cannot be placed immediately after tooth extraction, it can be placed with appropriate tissue treatment. Implants are titanium screws with various diameters and lengths. Titanium is a material that is compatible with the bone and does not cause any allergic reactions in the body. This process is performed under local anesthesia as a 10-15-minute surgery. If it is a single tooth gap that does not require bone augmentation, it will be more accurate to provide information that the healing period will take an average of 3 months. In operations requiring a bone graft, the duration of the recovery will be determined according to various criteria, such as patient age, systemic diseases, bone graft pattern.

Healing Process and Follow-Up Care

The next step is the growth of osteoblasts, creating a bone core around the implant. This crucial stage allows for perfect healing. Healing takes six months for the lower jaw and seven to eight months for the upper jaw. After healing, others take care of the implant.

The healing of dental implants takes time as tissues go through stages of regeneration. Primary bone tissue grows into defects in the jawbone, usually lasting three to four weeks. Suturing the mucous membrane improves blood supply and speeds up healing.

Cost of Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental Implant Turkey, is treating procedures of: Single Dental Implant, All-on-6 Dental Implants, All-on-4 Dental Implants, Sinus Lifting, Basal Implants, Mini Implants, and Bone Grafting.

The average price for a dental implant in Istanbul is ( Dental Implants Cost €710 ) .

Turkey is the top-destination country in Europe for dental treatment. Dose Group, is in the first steps of the capacity among clinics. To facilitate a high-quality dental treatment with dental implants, the clinics in Istanbul apply to international quality standards of ISO 9001, JCI, and TUV. The customer-centric approach during a treatment journey that is approved by customer reviews on WhatClinic, Trustpilot, Google, Klara, and Facebook motivates Istanbul clinics.

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